A PhD is hard – so what?

Lately, I’ve been at a loss for inspiration for a blog post. I’ve hit a slump in my PhD research. Basically, that’s a diplomatic way of saying that I’m doing a part that I don’t like and it’s hard and I’ve lost some motivation. I’ve been cleaning data and getting it ready for analysis. A process that is soul-destroying, time-sucking, and makes me question everything in my life from this research to relationships to my meditation practice and what my life purpose is overall. T

The things I do for my PhD…

A little tired, but the sun is shining and the hiking is sweet! It’s literally half way through my field season. I’ve got two and half months left and I have to admit that I’m getting tired. Without even thinking about the data analysis and writing that lay ahead, the field season feels overwhelming, intimidating, and exhausting. Even though I am loving this field work, it’s not only physically hard (because that I can handle) but it’s mentally draining too. Field work is so

The First Chapter

I have officially created the first draft of the first complete chapter of my PhD thesis. That feels good… no GREAT! There is still another field season of data collection, so parts of the chapter may change a lot before it’s actually done and submitted to a journal. The introduction, methods, and some of the results and discussion, however, will likely stay the same. Things with the results and discussion will change somewhat as I add more reference and see what comes out of