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Sarah E Consulting

Conservation Solutions for Communities, Protected Areas, and Our Wild Lands

Conservation challenges are complex. Defining solutions requires creativity, systems thinking, and kindness. Sarah Elmeligi is a PhD interdisciplinary conservation scientist, planner, and community engagement specialist. She values innovative solutions that integrate scientific evidence with other ways of knowing to improve the fundamental relationship between people and nature.

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About Sarah Elmeligi

And what she can do for you

Whether you're a small municipality, massive protected area, or an out of the way patch of Crown land, managing wildlife, people and development is incredibly complex. You need someone with diverse experiences who can examine the big picture while defining tangible day to day actions that make a difference. My career has focused on taking a holistic view to wildlife and landscape planning both in and out of protected areas. My Masters and PhD integrated biological and social research to understand how bears and recreationalists share some of western Canada's most prominent parks and protected areas. As a professional conservationist, I have worked with teams of people to create new provincial parks, increase species protection, and design facility plans that serve wildlife and people. Ensuring accurate representation of community needs in government planning processes and decision making has been integral throughout my career. My work has led me on incredible journeys and been published in every kind of media you can imagine.

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I work with communities and their residents to improve our relationship with nature. I create integrative plans to help communities successfully coexist with bears. I conduct research and technical reviews that inform strategic advice to conservation organizations. This work directly contributes to successful campaign outcomes. I provide governments with landscape management recommendations that meet multiple objectives. Through skilled community engagement and Indigenous consultation, I work to ensure diverse perspectives are used to influence decision making.  

Get in touch to explore your conservation challenges and see how I can help you.

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Communities in bear country can be challenged to foster economic development while promoting conservation values and ensuring the safety of their residents. Perhaps you are lacking the expertise to define how your residents expect bears to be managed and how bears use habitat in and around your town. You're looking for a comprehensive bear hazard assessment that integrates bear habitat use and resident expectations to define a successful human-bear coexistence plan. Let's work together to find community-based solutions that work for people, bears, and your local economy.

Parks and Protected Areas are essential components in our lives. I work with conservation organizations and park managers to define tangible ways to improve management effectiveness. I have defined long-term recreation monitoring programs, planned facilities that focus human use away from sensitive habitats, critiqued management plans, and conducted research in parks across Western Canada. My work has directly influenced park management, visitor use patterns and enjoyment, and even led to the creation of provincial bear-viewing guidelines in British Columbia. I can work with you to improve how your park addresses visitor needs and protects its ecological integrity through adaptive management practices.


All environmental solutions stem from people. Meaningful community engagement is more than a series of check boxes on a form. You need someone to develop and implement a process where people feel heard and understood. Your community wants to know their input was valuable and guided decision making. I have the skills and expertise to help you create and deliver public or First Nations consultation in ways that meet everyone's needs. Contact me to discuss a consultation program that will improve your development and address community perspectives.

Writing grants and reports can be tedious and it is sometimes challenging to find the right words. As a skilled writer and editor, I am ready to work with you to make your grant or final report something that your colleagues and funders will talk about! I can help write, edit, and format your final reports to make them compelling, clear, and effective. Let's work together to communicate your dreams into reality and share your successes.



I've had the pleasure of working with Dr. Elmeligi on a few high human impact, tourism-based projects in critical bear habitat. It was incredibly beneficial to work with a research biologist with such a great understanding of the land, people, and needs of bears on the landscape.

Kim Titchener, President - Bear Safety and More Inc.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sarah on a number of conservation issues and projects over the years. I‘m always impressed by her ability to first pinpoint the core issue at hand, and then to problem-solve strategically and efficiently. Sarah is a multi-faceted scientist who uses her deep knowledge of government policies and her experience working with a broad range of stakeholders to come up with creative and effective solutions to conservation problems.

Hilary Yong, Senior Alberta Program Manager - Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative

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Grizzly Research in the Rockies (GRR)

I started GRR when I started my PhD as a means to share my research musings, results, and recruit volunteers. GRR's blog has been active since 2013. Even though my PhD is done, I still use this blog to share bear related research and management ideas. Below are the latest blog posts. The link in the main menu will take you to a list of all of my blog posts.

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