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Unique Programs Designed Just For You


Human-Bear Coexistence

Integrating science and community to reduce conflict

I take a comprehensive, community-based approach to reducing human-bear conflict risk. To address human-bear coexistence in your community, I will design and implement this three phased program:

  1. Assess - Work with local experts and community members to define  problems and potential solutions to reduce conflict.

  2. Innovate - Through public engagement and working with land managers, I will define innovative solutions that can be applied to make a difference.

  3. Implement - I will work with your local government and stakeholders to best implement a human-bear coexistence program. This phase will detail long term budgeting and create a citizen-based monitoring program to ensure success.

I believe people and bears can successfully coexist, if we implement locally designed solutions.​

Protected Areas

Maximizing Management Effectiveness

Parks and Protected Areas play an essential role in our society, both ecologically and socially. This stream of my work focuses on achieving maximum management effectivess for our protected areas to ensure they function to protect ecological and recreational resources. I offer three main programs with this service, but please call me if you have another project idea.

  1. Management Effectiveness - Protected Area Management Effectiveness (PAME) is a recognized process designed to assess if park management is meeting previously defined objectives. I will work with you and other experts in my network to assess how your park is doing and how it could be doing better.

  2.  Monitoring - Effective monitoring programs are essential in protected area management. Over my career, I have designed and implemented several monitoring programs that fit within predefined budgets, are scientifically rigorous, and result in meaningful recommendations for management action. 

  3. Research - I take an interdisciplinary approach to protected areas research. Through user surveys, I gain an understanding in visitor expectations and satisfaction. I then combine survey results with wildlife data regarding behaviour and habitat use to define management recommendations. that improve ecological integrity and the visitor experience. 

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Community Engagement

Working Together Towards Solutions

Working with the people who know the land and wildlife most intimately is essential. I believe community members are foundational to development success. I am a certified IAP2 practitioner and will work with you to create a consultation plan that addresses your needs and those of the people you serve.

  1. Public Engagement - I will work with you to create a meaningful public engagement plan that targets affected stakeholders and defines their needs. Using an array of engagement tools, I will craft and implement a plan tailored to your community and project. My efforts will help you understand your community and how they can contribute to your project's success.

  2. First Nations Consultation - First Nations have a unique perspective to offer, which can improve development projects in many ways. I have experience working with the legal commitments for consultation that move us towards reconciliation, but think an effective First Nations' consultation program is much more. I will design a First Nations consultation program that is respectful and effective. Together, we can improve relationships and address development needs.

Techincal and Grant Writing

Making Your Work Compeling

After having completed two graduate degress and presenting at countless conferences, I know how to take science to the masses. With years of experience in the non-profit sector, I am experienced in writing successful grant proposals. Let's work together to incease your capacity and improve communications.

  1. Technical writing - I can work with you to communicate your data through figures and info graphics. Let me help write and format your final report so that it appeals to a wide array of audiences.

  2. Grant writing - Let's work together to create compelling grant proposals that result in success. I'll help you develop an undeniable project justification and grant proposal that brings money in to fund your unique and amazing projects!

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