Year 1 Results!

Check that out! I have results!!! Like real ones, ones that mean something, ones that changed how I see the world, ones that will help us thinking differently about how bears and people are managed on trails. It’s not revolutionary but it’s close enough to make me do a little dance in my office and smile a lot when I think about it. As cute as this subadult is, I wouldn’t necessarily want to run into her on this trail right off the road. Remote Camera results Although I will

The Brainstorm

Data Analysis Hell It’s where grad student go to cry – data analysis. Just saying it out loud makes me cringe. One of the things that makes data analysis so hard is deciding which statistical test to do. The specifics of my data dictate what approach should be taken and it’s easy enough to read a text book or look online to figure out what test looks like it will work. Then I run it in the stats program, and it comes up with a bunch of errors. Most of those errors don’t reall