Sharing the bear-ness

If I’m really developing something brand new through my PhD and defining some aspect of bear biology and management the world has never seen, then I should probably get it out there so it can influence decision making and public opinion. There are lots of different ways PhD Candidates and other researchers share their work with the world, and this past week I’ve been working on it in a few different ways. The Conference This conference is a big one for North America and some

Talking like a scientist

In my old job, part of what I did was take science and translate it into language that got people motivated to demand change. This is a protest to protect the Castle in Southern Alberta. For the past five years, it’s been my job to take complicated scientific information and translate it in ways that the average person can understand. I’m very good at it and it’s a skill that I’ve always been proud of. Now, I’m faced with the need to take the ideas in my head and translate th