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The Mind-Altering Road Trip

This past month, my husband and I drove up to the Yukon Territory to meet up with John. This the second of several field trips John and I are planning for the upcoming book. We spent a week with John and his lovely family at Million Dollar Falls campground, just outside of Kluane National Park. Each morning, John and I would get up at 4am and drive through prime bear habitat as the sun slowly crested over the St. Elias Mountains. The wilderness in the Yukon is vast, and in co

Coexistence – what does it really mean?

Last week a mother black bear and her 2 cubs were darted in downtown Canmore and relocated east of here. What were they doing in town? Feasting on fruit trees in people’s yards. My local paper has done a great job in the past two weeks explaining what happened and following up (Bear and Cubs Relocated From Canmore; Fruit Trees an Issue with Canmore Bear Management). This sequence of events isn’t new to Canmore and it ruffles my feathers every time. But… what’s the big deal? R

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