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Sarah Elmeligi Consulting

Conservation Solutions for a Real World

Conservation challenges are complex, and addressing them requires a multi-faceted approach. I am an interdisciplinary conservation scientist, planner, and community engagement specialist. I value working collaboratively with the best available science to address your project needs.


About Sarah Elmeligi

My fundamental career goal is to meaningfully contribute to ensuring human practices are sustainable and in balance with the needs of wildlife and ecosystems. I am an interdisciplinary landscape ecologist who integrates biological and social research to improve land management within the realities of our changing world. I believe in effectively engaging diverse communities, industries, and stakeholders to find innvoative solutions to complex environmental challenges. Check out my full resume.



I work with clients, providing exceptional consulting services that are catered specifically to their needs. Take a look below at the services I offer and get in touch to achieve immediate results.

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Bears and people can live together! My research has focused on how people and bears share the landscape. Let's work together to implement community-based solutions that move you towards human-bear coexistence.

Parks and Protected Areas are essential components in our lives. I specialize in assessing management effectiveness, working with agencies to implement effective monitoring programs, and defining management actions that improve visitor experience and address ecological objectives.

All environmental solutions stem from people. I pride myself in designing and implementing robust, meaningful community and First Nations consultation programs. Contact me to discuss a consultation program that will improve your development and address community perspectives.

A large part of my career has involved creating and editing large scientific documents and grant proposals. I can help write, edit, and format your final reports to make them compelling, clear, and effective. Let me work with you to craft a grant proposal that brings money in and turns your dream projects into a reality.


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Grizzly Research in the Rockies (GRR)

I started GRR when I started my PhD as a means to share my research musings, results, and recruit volunteers. GRR's blog has been active since 2013. Even though my PhD is done, I still use this blog to share bear related research and management ideas. Below are the latest blog posts. The link in the main menu will take you to a list of all of my blog posts.

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