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There’s A Bear In My Parking Lot!

Why here? Why now? A couple of weeks ago, there was a bear in my parking lot. I have lived in my building for nearly 10 years, and as far as I know this hasn’t happened before. I live in a high-density housing area comprised of several apartment style condo buildings covering several blocks. On one side is the TransCanada Highway and on the other is an increasingly busy town road that connects my neighbourhood to downtown. There isn’t much bear habitat for bears in my area, a

Wild Waters and Wildlife

This past week, my home town, Canmore, flooded. It flooded like it has never flooded before and it was one of the most tragic things I have ever witnessed. Words cannot express how I felt to see my community submerged in water, to watch insanely high waters rip apart our roads, our trails, and some of our homes. There is no doubt that our town and its residents have been irreversibly changed by this event. But what about our wilderness? As I was standing on the Trans Canada H

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